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If you have...

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Never installed FSHotSeat or installed a version less than 2.0

FSHotSeat™ Full Package 2.1 w/Advanced AIBlast™ contains the full install of FSHotSeat™ including the Beech Baron 58 Demonstrator to activate the demo mode (limited to 90 NM radius from Chicago Meigs.)

Also download 2.4 update below.

Instructions: Unzip contents into a folder. Read the Readme.txt file.

Windows 98 users (including SE and ME) must read Install Troubleshooting.

Special Notes:

  • FSHotSeat does not work properly with Asian extended character sets (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) at this time.

Read NOTAMS - All Pilots.

Have version 2.0 or 2.1 or higher currently installed

Update version 2.4 (requires ver 2.0 or 2.1 full version pre-installed.)

You do not have to uninstall previous updates (2.2,2.3) just install this into same folder.

ALWAYS run an installed version once before installing an update.

Install update pack into same folder as your initial FSHotSeat install.

Also works with Demo (see limitations above.)

Read NOTAMS - All Pilots.

Be sure read the change list in the help file...things have changed.

Update 2.4

NOTAMS - All Pilots

Version 2.1 Notes:

  • Advanced AIBlast™ is enabled by default if auto-configuration (highly recommended) is used when program is first run.

  • FSHotSeat now includes its own uninstaller that completely removes FSHotSeat and reverses changes to MSFS including AIBlast. You must use the FSHSUnInstall program available via Windows, Start, FSHotSeat. Windows add/remove programs will not work properly once FSHotSeat is installed.

  • The FSHotSeat Entertainment System comes with one pre-defined music channel and two news channels. The news channels are disabled by default. See the Entertainment System MFD (PLT 8) to enable news.

If you have a problem installing or running FSHotSeat visit the FSHS support pages for common FSHotSeat.log (in your install directory) errors and solutions. If your problem continues, post your FSHotSeat.log at the FSHotSeat Forums or email to support@fshotseat.com.

Until Microsoft releases the scenery SDK and decoding is complete, FSHS is using FS2002 navigational data. Since FS2002 contains 97% of FS2004 airports this is rarely a problem. However, if your airport is rejected by FSHS you'll have to select another until the data is available. Tower views are "off" a bit and this will be corrected also.

Always remember that FSHS "booked" flights are based on the customer's perspective.  A good flight is not one "that you walk away from;" it's a smooth, incident free, on-time flight.  No excuses.   Ceaseless chatter, weather, traffic, bad vectors--customers don't care about such things.  They're your problems.  Overcome them.  Find a way.   That's why it's called FSHotSeat.

2.2 Changes

Free update for registered users. Works with demo.

Fixed problem that occurs when checking FSUIPC installation with character sets that use a character other than a period for the decimal place.

Fixed bug where copilot repeatedly cycled seatbelts on and off in light turbulence.

Fixed Problem where copilot could misidentify available instrument land approach equipment.

Fixed PLT 5 FlyBy View Seconds slider to allow 0 (turns off FlyBy View.)

Fixed problem with embedded period in flightplan name.

Fixed bug where retractable taildraggers could cause false gear speed violation.

Fixed and enhanced ATIS/AWOS CP radio selection.

Changed timing of fullscreen mode to reduce loss of MSFS focus when FSHS interface is dismissed.

Extended copilot auto-stop distance to work better with MSFS extended vectors.

Added FS2004 valid airline name list reference to Help File.

Added [AC POH] submenu to [Reports] submenu for aircraft specs.

Added [Pilot Wx report] providing real-time AI pilot weather reports.

Added enhanced flight attendant safety brief with "video" sound.

Added auto CP passenger brief while waiting for T/O clearance.

Enhanced takeoff delay brief to include detailed AC information.

Added FSHotSeat.ini switches. To receive reports in metric values:


To change transition altitude enter value in feet w/no commas:


2.1 Changes

Free update for registered users. Works with demo.

Changes & Additions

Added Advanced AIBlast™ rendering for landing approach. Sound begins about 1.5 NM out and is approximately 60% of power volume resulting in a subdued sound that blends nicely with default MSFS idle sounds. We recommend that you continue to use MSFS default idle sounds for best effect. See the AIBlast™ page to change landing volume.

Added uncontrolled field support. Startup and taxi clearances are not required when departing from uncontrolled fields but you can still request pushback. Company call-in after descent checklist is also bypassed in favor of a copilot status report when arriving at uncontrolled fields. Briefings are updated to reflect changes.

Added seatbelt management (see IFM) and modified briefing messages. Used during cruise only (on at all other times), seatbelts increase passenger comfort in turbulence. Conversely, they decrease comfort when you keep them on in smooth air.

Added Internet News items to Copilot chatting. News must be enabled with items available, otherwise old chat items will be spoken. There's a 50/50 chance of a news item or regular chat item.

Added spoiler arm question to landing checklist for jets and turboprops so equipped. Changed all references of speedbrakes to spoilers since they're more common in MSFS. (MSFS itself does not mechanically differentiate although they are different.)

Cockpit sounds now stop when your viewpoint is outside of the cockpit. Copilot, other voices and music will always be heard regardless of view.

IFM menu caption now lists current selection for Entertainment Channels, Waypoints, Airports and Runways.

Changed TCAS to display radio altitude and vertical speed rounded to 100 feet increments.

In booked flights, the MSFS clock is now synced to FSHS every minute.  This allows you to use MSFS clock as reference to FSHS times without calling the interface. You should not change the time of day after you have started a FSHS flight.

Changed ground steering system to temporarily invoke MSFS auto-coordination while active. This allows rudder to be used while ground steering is active, however, centering the yoke will not automatically center steering direction if rudder is used separately.

Copilot now informs you when ground steering is disconnected on takeoff roll and reconnected on landing roll. You are still not informed during normal out/in taxi ops. Ground steer always disconnects when you exceed taxi speed limit and reconnects when dropping back under. When ground steering is enabled it also functions for pushback steering, operating the pushback steering commands rather than normal steering.

Moved Advanced AIBlast™ system default sound mappings into SYSADVAIBlast.ini to avoid conflicts. The section that remains in ADVAIBlast.ini is for reference only, has no effect, and may be deleted as desired. See the AIBlast™ page.

WX/Routemap now displays wind corrected magnetic course to next waypoint in the upper right hand corner. The lower right hand corner still displays magnetic bearing/distance in nautical miles. Also displays waypoint type to the right of waypoint ICAO after a dash (-).

CP will no longer ask to make waypoint turns if GPS navigation is active.

After pushback is approved you now have to wait for tug to arrive. Be sure to wait for the copilot to announce that the tug is in position or you'll get docked.

Strobes and landing lights on have been moved to after the checklist wait for takeoff clearance due to requests from annoyed nighttime AI pilots. As a courtesy, you should turn off any taxi/landing lights while awaiting takeoff clearance.

Due to FS2004's generally bumpier weather, flight comfort is given slightly less scoring weight; on time arrival slightly more.

Sound sliders now change most sounds in real-time.

Added FSHSUninstall program to rollback MSFS changes, remove AIBlast and clear FSHS folder.

Any near miss radio call-ins that occur after approach starts will be called in on the ground after the After Landing checklist.

CP now calls out idents for radio navaids.


Changed Entertainment System to prevent changes to channel type (music or news) which could break channel if inadvertently switched. Channel type is now selected when channel is created. If you make a mistake delete the channel and add it again.

Fixed run failure after 2nd start up (log stops at FSHS_ObjOk.)

Fixed freeze during Advanced AIBlast load with large numbers of aircraft (stops at xx% message.)

Fixed 100% processor usage with Ligos (and possibly other) MP3 Directsound codecs.

Fixed Windows 98 < ME only: log **Error:432.

Replaced missing file that is required for MSFS fullscreen operation.

Fixed lockup with plans that contain waypoints > 200 nm distant (generally trans-ocean flights).

Fixed newsfeed problem where where failed connection message might repeatedly popup during flight. Failed connection messages now popup only once when program is first loaded. If connection fails later, old news is used if available.

Fixed problem where AI aircraft could "stick" on TCAS display or WX/Route map.

Fixed TCAS and GPWS aircraft settings not changing properly when AC changed.

Fixed problem where a space in ATC_TYPE could cause misidentification of AI aircraft.

Reduced pauses when new checklist is started.

Fixed FS2004 tower view to anchor at a better viewing position upon landing.

Fixed AAIB problem where tabs in aircraft.cfg file could cause improper weight class.

Fixed silent pushback tug sounds in Freeflight Mode.

Fixed problem where the CP departure runway setup was different than the one requested.

Fixed spoiler deployment and wind sound.

Stopped spoiler deployment sounds when AC is spoileron equipped.

Fixed speech selection problem on some machines.

Fixed speech character rename problem.

Fixed flight logs to reflect actual payload and fuel after manifest approval rather than aircraft defaults.

Obligatory Rant

If you're still running Windows 98 get rid of it before XP is out-of-date.

If you're still running FS2002 you're missing out on a lot of neat stuff.

2.0 Changes

Free update for registered users. Works with demo also.

Advanced AIBlast

Added Advanced AIBlast™ and its additional controls to PLT-3 Settings 2 MFD. See AIBlast™ Technology for full info and modification information.

Interface Changes

PLT-2 Settings 1 and PLT-3 Settings 2 MFD controls moved around to accommodate Advanced AIBlast.

Added FreeFlight Only mode button that automatically bypasses flight plan loading and processing overhead. No booked flights can be flown but AIBlast, aircraft sounds and Entertainment System are still available.

CP Changes

Copilot uses detailed MSFS type/model descriptions Advanced AIBlast only but ignores any redundant names.

In 2004 only:

CP gives ground AI traffic information once after taxi checklist complete. Also available via IFM.

CP gives final approach AI traffic information once after final approach checklist complete. Also available via IFM.

CP incorporates detailed AI traffic information into before takeoff passenger delay briefing via IFM request.

Sound Changes

Reprocessed GPWS/TCAS .wav sounds to better cut through cockpit noise.

Linked GPWS/TCAS .wav volume to GPWS TTS volume slider (PLT-7 Characters 2 MFD.)

Linked Entertainment System background sounds (not music) to DJ volume slider (PLT-7 Characters 2 MFD.)  

Split Entertainment System and GPWS/TCAS into separate channels so TCAS alerts can be heard during news reports.

IFM Changes

Traffic Report selection added to Reports submenu. Copilot advises of current runway traffic status.

Other Changes

Adding the entry Metric=1 to the [Language] section of the FSHotSeat.ini file will change most voice readouts to the metric system.

Made landing score slightly easier.


New macro variables:


And IFM Chat triggers:



  • Rewrote Directshow subsystem to avoid problem with non-default driver/filter/decoder on some systems that could cause distorted sounds and possible hanging. Still requires basic decoder (Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder, L3CODECX.AX) present in Windows\system32 and properly registered.

  • Fixed problem where changes to aircraft tail number and flight number where not recognized when changed via MSFS interface rather than via aircraft.cfg.

  • Fixed problem where TCAS and MAP popup would flash display briefly without bus power. Invoking either without battery and avionics power now returns a blank display.

  • Fixed GPS CRM points award. No points given to PIC or CP for flight legs while GPS controlled AP is active.

  • Added more error trapping code to avoid Error 5 that occurs on some systems.

  • Optimized sound buffer usage. Note, however, that FSHS can still use quite a few buffers especially when AIBlast™ is rendering many aircraft. Some sound cards (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz and others) provide only 32 hardware buffers (16 3D buffers) rather than the more common 64 (32 3D buffers) found in cards such as the SB Live!. This may cause sounds not to play or to generate error when hardware buffers are unavailable. A possible solution is to turn down audio acceleration a notch or two via the DxDiag utility or Windows Control Panel, Sounds and Audio, Audio tab, Advanced button, Performance tab.

Windows 98 Support

It's becoming increasingly difficult to support Windows 98 due to the advances in XP/FS2004 capabilities. We strongly urge users to upgrade to Windows XP to take advantage of its superior capabilities both now and in future.

FS2002 Support

The same holds true, to a lesser extent, for FS2002. Many of the newer features of FSHS have reduced functionality in FS2002 or do not work at all. This trend will continue in the future since new FSUIPC features tend to leverage FS2004's enhanced features. For now though, it works vey well.


If you have...

Read this...

Download this...

Never installed FSHotSFX or installed Version 1.0

FSHotSFX™ Full Package 1.1 w/Advanced AIBlast™ contains the full install of FSHotSFX™. Demo mode limited to 40 NM radius from Chicago Meigs.

If you have previously installed FSHotSFX, just install this version into same folder.

Instructions: Unzip contents into a folder. Read the Readme.txt file.

Windows 98 users (including SE and ME) must read Install Troubleshooting.

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