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Ordering FSHotSeat and FSHotSFX

Know your product! FSHotSeat and FSHotSFX are two different products:

  • FSHotSeat is our original full-featured version that includes AIBlast and all copilot and many other advanced   functions.

  • FSHotSFX is our "lite" version that includes AIBlast, aircraft mechanical sounds, MP3 player and flyby view only.

FSHotSFX cannot be upgraded to FSHotSeat so be sure you do not want the copilot functions before you order FSHotSFX. FSHotSeat has all the functions of FSHotSFX so we highly recommend that you demo FSHotSeat to see how the copilot works for you. Most people that buy it never fly without it!

Full featured demo versions are available for both products. You should always demo the product before you purchase. Once the product is registered refunds cannot be issued. An internet connection is required for registration.

IMPORTANT: FSHotSeat and FSHotSFX runs with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004 under Windows XP ONLY

Important Ordering Notes

All orders are entered via SWReg (Digital River Inc.) secure server.

By default, your cart will contain the optional Registration Backup Service item.  If you don't want to purchase this service, simply click on the trash can to its left.  Click the "What is this?" link if you want to know more about what the service does for you.

Your product registration code should appear instantly upon a successful order. A follow-up email will also be sent via SWReg.

Order FSHotSeat (full version with copilot and advanced features, $34.95)


Order FSHotSFX ("lite" version without copilot and advanced features, $17.95)






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